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L, who has the full name Kim Myung-soo, is known to be a member of Infinite, a boy group from Woolim Entertainment and he is also an actor. Recently, the fans were surprised by the news that came from him announcing that he would be leaving the agency. On August 19th, , L posted a lengthy handwritten letter announcing his departure from Woolim Entertainment in which he had stayed for 10 years as a member of Infinite. I want to bow my head in apology for greeting you for the first time in a while with this unfortunate news, and I want to express gratitude for always giving me warm support. With last week as the end, my contract with Woollim has expired. I made a difficult decision after a lot of thought.

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Let’s take a look at some handsome idol group members that will warm your hearts with the coming spring. In the past 20 years idol groups have written a great history and developed greatly, but there’s one thing that cannot change, and that is the visual aspect of those groups. There’s at least one if not more member in each groups that stands out and represents the group’s ‘face. D ‘s Yoon Kye Sang started off the first generation of idols.

Now, who will be the next generation of idol group faces? Let’s take a look at some idol group’s representatives, as well as their best looking photos.

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On August 30th, Hoya left Infinite. The band debuted on June 9 , under Woollim Entertainment. Twitter: kyuzizi. Show more Sunggyu fun facts…. Dongwoo facts: — He was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea. Woohyun facts: — He was born in Chungcheong, South Korea. Sungjong facts: — Sungjong was born in Seoul, moved to Andong when he was 9, then to Gwangju and Jeonju, and then back to Seoul.

Hoya facts: — He was born in Busan, South Korea. He plans to follow both an acting and a music career. A girl full of ideas, who speaks fluent foreign languages.

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He’s not saying a word but his fans are already shielding him I’m a woman myself but I truly have no words for the logic of some female fans. A lot of the L homepage admins have already acknowledged that he’s dating anyway. He should have more respect for his fans Couple clothes, bracelet, sneakers ‘draw attention’ Source: E-Today via Nate 1.

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I found it was quite nice when I went to check it out. The members even had to share one bathroom between them. And now, they finally said goodbye to their old dorm. The company gave them a new dormitory as a gift for their achievement in taking several 1st places in some music shows. The dorm was slightly wider that the previous ones.

And now, the boys boasted about their new dorm! All rooms have the marble tiles in our apartment. The boys told that they have 3 bedrooms, just like the previous dorm. Hoya shares his bedroom with Sungjong, Sunggyu shares his room with Woohyun, while L, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo shared their bedroom together. We support each other to tidy up our room. Our room should be most clean.

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The ‘seven year curse’ is known as the unfortunate year where many K-pop groups disband, or have a member leave. The group debuted in They still, unfortunately, got hit with the seven year curse when Jessica left the group in Since then the group has remained as one, continuing to top charts. Very few girl groups have reached the ten-year mark, making it a momentous occasion.

Of course, SM Entertainment did not release any official statements regarding this dating rumor and fans defended both Taeyeon and Junsu to be.

Infinite Members Infinite is the first boy band group that formed by Woolim Entertainment at which is consisted of six member previously it has seven member. Their first mini album was titled First Invasion with the main song titled Come Back Again Dasi Dulahwa which later succeeded by their first full album titled Over the Top on He used to have a band called ComaBeat which is surprisingly a rock band and hoped to lived his dream as singer even without support from his parents.

In , he taking his chance to had auditioned by SM on and but failed miserably. He has debuted on 9 th July of Beside on his music activity. He also takes a part at Musical scene along with Woohyun and other activities such as starring a drama and reality show. Jang Dong-woo was born on big town of Guri, South Korea. He actually accepted become a trainee at JYP for a year but realizing his debut days may undecided, he choose to leave the company and join the Woolim.

Before his official debut, he together with Hoya has performed as back up dancer for fellow artist from same agency at that time, Epik High. Woohyun was born and raised in capital city of Korea.

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Original Article from Koreaboo. K-Pop idols are constantly battling scandals, especially dating ones, as such controversies could make or break their reputations. Still, each year, fans receive news of idols dating, getting married, or breaking up. Here are five idols who have put themselves in the spotlight the most often with their wild dating lives.

Article: Fans pissed at L’s dating rumors, refutes “proof” deny it ㅋㅋㅋ And it’s worth mentioning that INFINITE’s agency is under SM now. 3. [+59, -1] Why is it that the male idols date the weird cheap girls while the female.

We will be talking about dating amongst our idols this week. We know, it can be a touchy subject. Sometimes fans react well to the announcement of a new couple, sometimes not so much. At least once a month, in my opinion, one idol or another is being accused of dating someone. Normally based on some photo snapped by a tabloid-esque newspaper as said idols are on the street. Or sometimes it can just be Netizens doing their overtime duty of digging for pictures that confirm, in their minds, that these two idols are dating.

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Infinite is one of the most famous boys groups in South Korean. Woollim Entertainment formed this boy band in The group debuted in with their first EP dubbed First Invasion. If you are a fan and a follower of the band, then Infinite members are not new to you. Nonetheless, their popularity has grown far and wide thanks to their fantastic work.

As at the moment, there are six Kpop Infinite members. Currently, Infinite members names are Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong. in the FC Men, a soccer team which consists of members from idol groups. READ ALSO: Bigbang members’ profile: age, height, military, dating.

The flicker of tiny lighter flames once illuminated dimmed concert arenas during heart-wrenching numbers. Then it was phone flashlights waving brightly for all to see. But now K-pop fandoms have invented something much more high-tech to demonstrate their love for their idols: lightsticks. These bright, beautiful lights are an essential part of any K-Pop concert-going experience.

But why would fans pay top dollar for a glorified glow stick they’ll only use once in a blue moon? To be honest, I didn’t quite understand it, being relatively new to the K-Pop wave myself. For the first time, I got to experience up close and personal an extraordinary phenomenon — what fans call “the ocean.

But then I asked myself how did we get here? As it turns out, the history of why these are such a a thing in modern K-pop is a lot deeper than just having cool concert souvenir to take home at the end of the night. Looking like a cross between a magical girl anime wand and a souped-up flashlight, these LED sticks are powered by AAA batteries, include Bluetooth capability, and have captured the burning hearts and wallets of thousands of adoring fans. Not only do they define the idols’ group identity, they define the community behind them.

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